Our Strategic Development Board

Meet the dedicated individuals driving our charity’s growth and impact. Get to know our Strategic Development Board members who contribute their expertise and passion to shape and guide our strategic initiatives.

Fruzsina Marjan

As the founder of Heritage Charity London and the Chair of the strategic development board, Fruzsina’s passion for helping children and promoting education stems from her transformative journey in the UK. Fuelled by the doors that education opened for her during university years, she is motivated to ensure that every child has the opportunity for a brighter future. Heritage Charity London is her dedicated endeavour to turn this commitment into tangible action, providing a platform for positive impact and echoing the profound influence education had on shaping the person she is today.

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Elhadi Bendjoudi

Elhadi Kravets-Bendjoudi is the London head of business development for a prominent global law firm, their professional journey spans nearly 15 years, reflecting a wealth of experience and expertise in fostering organisational growth. Having immigrated to the UK from Algeria at a young age, their diverse cultural background adds a unique perspective to their strategic approach. Beyond the boardroom, they are fueled by a profound passion for philanthropy, actively engaging in charitable initiatives, promoting social enterprise, and championing educational advancement for all. Elhadi’s commitment extends beyond professional success, embodying a holistic dedication to making meaningful contributions to society.

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Patrizia Guarino

Patrizia is a seasoned digital advertising leader, entrepreneur and investor, passionate about education and the ability of the EdTech industry to shape a brighter and inclusive future. Currently Senior Director in GroupM Investment, where she leads Data and Technology. Partnerships across all GroupM operating companies, Patrizia has over a decade experience in shaping and scaling innovative, sustainable and inclusive products backed by powerful partnerships with top publishers, buyers and technologies in the UK and globally, As an experienced leader, she is committed to generate exponential – but yet sustainable and healthy – growth, by fostering creativity, driving innovation and empowering teams to challenge the status quo. She is dedicated to contribute her expertise to meaningful initiatives that lead to equality and inclusion, and is passionate about giving back to the community, nurture young minds and encourage curiosity and engagement.

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Andrew Smith

With a background in fast-moving consumer goods, strategic marketing, and management consultancy, Andrew is seeking to enhance the revenue of Heritage Charity London by expanding partnerships. He is a founding investor in Maple Online Learning, a for-profit education entity that collaborates with Heritage Charity London to advance the charity’s objective of broadening its impact and significance, both within and outside London. His previous employers include Kellogg’s, Kraft-General Foods [Mondelez], British Aerospace, and McKinsey.

Sharika Chauhan

An entrepreneur with 16 years’ experience in operational strategy & leadership, change & transformation, and digital innovation within financial services. Experience as a co-founder and COO of a disruptive fintech business for a multi trillion-dollar industry and an executive consultant within the private debt industry to restructure and streamline operations and infrastructure to mitigate risk. Passionate about education for the youth and how technological advances can help for the greater good.

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Xuhua Sylvia Zhan

Xuhua (Sylvia) Zhan is the founder and Artistic Director of China Culture Connect, Chinese Heritage Conference, and Chinese Visual Festival. Sylvia brings a wealth of experience from her previous roles at The Institute of Conservation (ICON), The International Institute of Conservation (IIC), the Tate Gallery, The British Postal Museum & Archive, the V&A, and Guangzhou Museum of Art. Currently serving as a visiting lecturer at MA Heritage Management, Middlesex University, Sylvia plays a vital role in shaping the next generation of heritage professionals. Committed to fostering cultural connections, Sylvia contributes to Heritage Charity London’s strategic growth by organizing art fundraisers. Her passion for the arts, combined with her extensive background in conservation and cultural institutions, adds a unique perspective to the charity’s mission of expanding its impact and relevance

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Chris White

Chris White is our expert in strategic planning and decision-making, having advised investment banks, private equity funds and the Ministry of Defence in making key people-related and strategic decisions. He currently works as Managing Consultant at Vedette, a boutique defence and security strategic consultancy, and has an MBA with Distinction from Warwick Business School. Chris has lived in the local area for over a decade, and his experience running summer school programmes during his time at university gives him an interesting insight into the work the charity does.

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Dani Assi

As a Marketing and Fundraising Specialist at Heritage Charity London, Dani dedicated three years to shaping the organisation’s growth and development. With a legal background, he offers a unique perspective to combining legal and marketing expertise. He has led successful fundraising campaigns, significantly boosting financial support. His passion for language learning mirrors a commitment to cultural diversity. As a proud Strategic Development Board member, he looks forward to contributing to the charity’s future growth.

Charlotte Titmus

Charlotte is a results-driven Marketing and Project Manager with a proven track record of executing successful campaigns and managing complex, ongoing projects. She joined Heritage Charity London 3 years ago with prior strategical skills gained within the fields of child education and professional marketing. During her time at the charity, she has not only exercised these skills in an impeccable way, but has also become a successful and high-achieving Project Manager. She leads a large team and seamlessly collaborates with partnering schools and businesses to deliver high-impact results in a fast-paced and competitive environment. Her concurrent management of multiple marketing campaigns and philanthropic projects within the charity, as well as working on-hand with children has contributed to countless successes on both a personal and charitable level.