Heritage Charity London

We are a UK registered charity (1194163) that is dedicated toward supporting the education and development of disadvantaged and marginalised children in London. We do this through a wide range of projects, some of which can be read about below.

Promoting Physical and Personal Development

Football and Basketball After School Clubs

We run weekly sports clubs for those children who require support when it comes to physical and personal development. Whether this be improving their team-work, reminding them about the importance of keeping their bodies fit and healthy, or developing their sense of self-esteem and self-awareness.

Providing Children With The Vocational Skills Needed For Later On In Life

Maths and Grammar Booster Sessions

We also carry out maths and grammar booster sessions with key stage two children across multiple schools in London, primarily Southwark, where we saw a greater need for support within these areas. In these sessions, we aim to improve children’s skills within all key areas where they may be struggling, such as reading comprehension, writing creatively, times tables, and division to mention a few.

Acknowledging The Stress And Emotional Difficulty Children Experience

Arts and Crafts Workshops For Mental Health

Recognising child mental health is such an important aspect when it comes to educating and teaching children. They suffer with negative emotions just like the rest of us, which is why we aim to target this notion through our weekly arts and crafts club at local primary schools across London. We give children the opportunity to work through their mental health, and put across all the different types of emotions they feel through their own creative expression, in a controlled but fun manner!