We are supporting UKRAINE!

After nearly two weeks of heightening and escalating conflict, over 2 million children and their families have fled #Ukraine leaving them in danger. We are coming together with Americares, an organization that is actively supporting these vulnerable and young refugees at the borders of Ukraine and Poland, to raise funds for all the essentials and medical assistance they require.

Over 2 million victims of war have fled their homes to escape conflict in Ukraine, forced to leave loved ones, places of familiarity, belongings and much more. Even worse, they are also leaving behind basic human rights which are required for everyday living. These young and vulnerable refugees are struggling to find access to clean water, food, warm clothes, medical supplies and safe places to sleep at night. There are both young and old desperately seeking medical attention following their flee to safety, which without they are seriously struggling. Millions of children’s and adults’ lives are on the line as a result of Russia’s deadly war on Ukraine. Children are petrified with no clue of where or what is next for them, and sadly neither do their families, and too many children have no clue where their families even are or if they will ever see them again, due to being separated in the hope that they will be able to flee to safety while their fathers, uncles and brothers stay to fight for their home and country. Homes have been razed and unsafe to live in. Captious development such as health facilities, water supplies and schools have also been damaged or destroyed. As we approach the 2ndweek of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the UN has confirmed the death of 406 innocent civilians from the conflict. Individuals who were once living happy, healthy and financially stable in homes built on life-long memories have had their world turned upside down so suddenly. Above all, this will mostly impact children, who have their whole life ahead of them, as they currently suffer from a fast-paced new way of living, with no guarantee of what tomorrow may bring them.

Not only is this terrible war crisis impacting children’s lives in terms of physical safety and living needs, but it will seriously impact their lives academically in terms of growth, development and mindset. Such trauma affects children in every way possible, hindering and dimming their ‘normal’ selves. Education plays such an important role in a child’s overall life, and without it, or with disruption to it, a child will never be able to reach their maximum potential in terms of general ability, critical thinking, problem-solving and many more vital everyday skills we all require in everyday life. A child will never be able to complete their sense of self or explore and understand the reality and concepts of the world around them. Therefore, it is so important for these young, bright sparks who have fled their home country, to be re-engaged back into education as soon as they possibly can. #EducationMatters

Heritage Charity London is committed to doing everything possible to help the Ukrainian refugees as they flee into the border of Ukraine and Poland. Since we are unable to physically go and help these refugees ourselves, we partnered up with Americares who are actively supporting these refugees by delivering medicine, medical supplies, relief items and emergency funding. They are also offering mental health and psychosocial support to refugees, and we are doing everything we can to assist in the funding for both of these aspects. We have set up our own JustGiving page where we are requesting all those able to donate towards this truly needy cause so that we can play our part in supporting the most vulnerable during these traumatic times. 100% of all donations received will go directly to Americares who are currently working closely with the World Health Organization and other relevant authorities and organisations in Ukraine, to provide much-needed medical assistance to refugees.

Please donate whatever you can, this is a humanitarian emergency where children and families are being traumatised by the implications of Putin’s war on Ukraine. We must stand with the people of Ukraine, fight back for their homes and country, and dedicate our utmost efforts to supporting the victims. We cannot stand back and watch without playing our part to help. Follow the link below which will take you to our JustGiving page where you can make any donations you’re able to.

Ukraine Emergency Appeal