We need to help homeless children

We achieve our mission by providing stimulating and constructive Sports, Creative Arts, Life skills, and Holiday play-scheme programmes, with long term outcome benefits. During this programme, Heritage Charity London runs after-school activities facilitated by a dedicated team of volunteers who work with participants to carry out the sports projects which allow them to build life skills and develop confidence while engaging with peers. Our activities take place during out-of-school hours and school holidays.

We envision using sport to improve young peoples lives mainly through developing life skills such as engaged learning, focus, and self-control, taking on challenges, and critical thinking. By doing so, we are also reducing crime and Anti-social behavior as involving kids in the activities who are otherwise left out redirects their engagement towards sports and their peers.

We have relevant policies in place (eg, safeguarding), which are reviewed annually and are in line with industry standards.

We specialize in user-led activities. Heritage Charity London volunteers and parents/careers are partners in all our programmes, helping design, monitor and – wherever appropriate – deliver activities. We put in place structures for supporting them in this role, including user-led steering groups, which meet regularly to help oversee, shape and develop projects.

There is now a greater need to provide training for children and young people in how to protect themselves and build their confidence through activities and skills training to mitigate the impacts resulting from Covid-19. Children must continue to receive support so that additional difficulties which have materialized from Covid19 are dealt with promptly to ensure that their difficulties do not swell into major mental health issues.

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