We are supporting immigrant families in need

Heritage Charity London is a registered charity (1194163) that is supporting the immigrant Bangladeshi community in India to provide emergency relief: water, sanitation, toilet access, warm clothes and blankets and enrolling their children in education. 

There are 8 Bangladeshi families living in the pictured camp, they are illegal immigrants to India so the government doesn’t provide them with means to survive. The men try to salvage plastic bottles and take them to recycling and the women are doing cleaning work in nearby houses to try to support their families. 

Their children have no education, they cannot be enrolled to government school as they are illegal immigrants and private schools are out of reach. The families are distressed about the living conditions and future of their children. 

They were discovered by Heritage Charity London’s trustees during their travel to India and were promised an emergency relief. 
What Can You Do?

There is an urgent need and mission to secure donations to support the problem of lack of drinking water, lack of toilet access and lack of education for the children. 

Help us support 8  families! 

The donation target of £1900 will be used to provide them for the immediate burning problems:

  • a toilet container and tap water with tank where government can refill it, costing £400,
  • nearby schools in Uttar Pradesh charge £50/year for a student in primary school. For the 28 children in the camp who are not going to school, enrolment costs £1400.
  • warm blankets and warm clothing for the evening cold temperatures £100

The camp is located on the roadside, the families live in makeshift houses, when it is cold, it is very difficult to live outside. The closest drinking water facility is 1 mile away, where local people ask them not to take the water as it’s not public water. For their dignity, they are going to toilet to an abandoned factory early in the morning when there is no guard. When it is daytime people can see them, it is a matter of respect. They are only able to use it before and after sunset.

Please help us by donating and sharing today!

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